New Tricks For WordPress

Web development has always been a field that has amused people regarding the creativity as well as usefulness. There is no doubt that people would prefer to use WordPress, mainly when it comes to create blogs.

In the New Year, people would have to switch to the new WordPress techniques in order to be at the top of the search results of the popular search engines. Let’s see what experts of the IT industry have to suggest to the people regarding the WordPress usage this year.

Tricks For WordPress

Forcing JPEG Images
It is often observed that WordPress plug-ins does not publish the quality JPEG images well as it takes time to load on slower connections mainly if the image is of high resolution. For this, adding script codes to force the JPEG image format will be highly helpful. This will also aid when the website will be viewed on mobile devices as the image will get the priority as compared to the hypertext.

Avoid Built In Scripts
More than 66% people prefer the use of the built-in scripts in order to simplify the work. Although, it makes the work much easier, it is highly recommended to use newer version of the JQuery to create scripts. The built-in scripts might create compatibility issues with a few browser platforms – as seen at on the Croatian Yacht Charters website.

Setting Seasons
Sessions are wonderful elements to set the data between the pages so that variables can be transferred from one page to another. Although, WordPress does not make use of session internally, it will be highly helpful to utilize them in order to make website more flexible and versatile.

The trends of the web design are rapidly changing. There is drastic need to switch from older techniques to the advanced tricks of WordPress in order to stand out of the crown in the tough competition. This is the reason why above tips from the IT experts are highly helpful for effective web development.

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