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  • muito linda essa melodia, aqui no brasil quem canta são os Vencedores por
    Cristo,e o nome da musca é: Cristo é meu

  • Does anyone have or know where I can obtain the sheet music with lyrics in
    English for this song? I’ve been searching for at least a couple of
    years…but this is the closest I’ve come to finding any lyrics… thanks!

  • @Writetheritz 1. That’s for me, yes that’s for me, I’m all done with my
    running away, Since I came to Him and gave into Him, ’twas a very happy
    day, 2. That’s for me, yes that’s for me, I was tired of the grayness of
    life, Tho’ against my will, all I sought was thrills, but it only brought
    me strife, Once life had no meaning, once life gave no rest, But now ev’ry
    thing’s different. This new life certainly is best.